The simple way to file your tax return .............

For £99 you receive ….

A dedicated qualified tax manager

Completion of your tax return after filling in our simple questionnaire An email copy of your completed tax return An email copy of your tax computation An email copy of your tax payments schedule

As your agent ….

We will deal with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf

Your tax manager will be available to deal with any tax queries or questions you may have Submit your tax return online with HMRC Ensure that you tax return is submitted before the filing deadline

Who can use this service


CIS workers The self employed and partners The retired Landlords And anyone else who needs to complete a self assessment return

Have your self assessment return completed by a qualified accountant for an unbelieveable price

This site has been designed for tax payers who need to complete a self assessment tax return but are not 100% confident with filing online with HMRC themselves.

Designed by qualified accountants who understand the concerns, this simple to use site allows such tax payers to provide the necessary information to enable trained and professional staff to complete the tax return on your behalf. Avoid paying high accountancy fees but have your self assessment completed by a qualified accountant. We are able to keep charges to a minimum by assisting you by completing your tax return online after you have provided us with all of the relevant information via our simple online form. GET STARTED NOW

How it works

You follow a simple process as below:

1. Register with us to receive a secure logon 2. Use your username and password to enter the members area 3 . Follow the simple instructions and only fill in the information that is relevant to you, it is that simple 4. If you have any queries during the process, just contact us on 01622 677507 5. We will process your return based on the information provided 6. We will send you a draft copy of the return, you transfer our £99 fee and then we file online with HMRC START HERE

What Our Clients Say

“I found the service quick and easy to use and it gave me the piece of mind that I wanted to ensure my tax return was completed correctly and on time.”

Janice Vallas

“I just filled in the data form with my income and expenditure and my dedicated tax manager completed my return from there. Very easy and cost effectiive.”

Peter Gibson

“I would recommend this service to anyone who does not want to deal directly with HMRC. Great value, my return was turned around in a short space of time and submitted online.”

Tracey Fuller